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1. Qualification

Participation is open to individual composers of any nationality, age, and experience. 


2. Voicing & Instrumentation

The Competition is dedicated to a cappella choral compositions.

Compositions entered into for this competition should:

(i) have a minimum of four parts in the form of SATB, but divided to as many as eight parts in the form of SSAATTBB (i.e. no voice should have more than two parts);

(ii) take into account the following effective vocal range: 

for Sopranos: D4-A5, and up to C6 for any descant solo

for Altos: A3-C5

for Tenors: C3-G4, and up to A4 for any tenor solo 

for Basses: F2-C4

(iii) have a maximum duration of 5 minutes; 

(iv) have a difficulty suitable for medium to advanced choirs;

(v) not have solo vocal parts be the dominant element of the composition; and

(vi) can include up to 3 unpitched percussion instruments only.


3. Text & Themes

The text of the composition, sacred or secular, can be in English, Latin, Mandarin, Chinese dialects (e.g., Hakka, Teochew, Hokkien, Cantonese), or Bahasa (e.g. Bahasa Indonesia or Bahasa Melayu).

The text, whether written or used only for this competition or based on existing works, should either be an original creation or be available in the public domain. If not, permission must be obtained in writing from the author or copyright holder of the text and must be enclosed with the entry. 

We welcome composers to utilise Asian elements in their composition. However, no special advantages will be accorded. The interpretation of Asian elements is free to the composer.


4. Registration & Application Fee

There is a non-refundable 55 SGD (ca. 40USD, ca. 36 EUR) registration fee payable at the time of registration. The registration fee is also the submission fee for your first entry. Additional entries will have additional submission fees of 55 SGD per entry, payable at the time of submission. 

Up to three entries per composer may be submitted. Each work will be considered as one entry.

Please make payment via the PayPal button in the respective forms, and include receipt of payment with your entry.


5. Submission Components

Each entry must include the following materials: 

  • Full score in PDF format made from score writing softwares.**
  • A brief write-up detailing composer’s intentions and influences
  • A MIDI recording of the composition, in .mp3 or .wav format  
  • Permission from the author or copyright holder of the text (if applicable)
  • An unofficial translation of the text (if the text is not in English)
  • Receipt of Paypal payment 


**The composer’s name must not appear anywhere on any score.


The above should be submitted on the submission form, via upload as a ZIP folder named with the following format: “<Composer Name>_<Email Address>”. Title each file with“<Composer Name>_<File Description>.” Refer to the submission form for more details. 


6. Conditions

It is a condition of this competition that each entry must be original and not previously published, performed, or awarded a prize in any previous contest or competition.


7.  Deadline

Entries must be submitted by no later than 31 January 2020, 2359 (GMT+8). Works cannot be revised after submission. 


8. Jury

The competition will be judged by an international panel jury of five accomplished composers.  This will be a “blind submission” where no judge will be aware of the composer’s identity before and during judging. Your form and score will be cross-referenced by members of Raffles Singers (as non-judging administrators) for the sake of awarding and notification. The jury’s decision will be published on this website by 29 February 2020. The jury’s decision is final.


9. Adjudication

Strong consideration will be given to a work’s potential for performance by a medium to advanced SATB choir (including but not limited to Raffles Singers) possessing the appropriate vocal requirements. The winning work should demonstrate excellence in compositional craft, creative imagination, ‘sing-ability’ (given reasonable rehearsal time), and idiomatic effectiveness for the vocal medium. 


10. Prizes

The winning works will receive the following:

First Prize: 1,500 SGD

Second Prize: 1,000 SGD

Third Prize: 700 SGD

Special jury prizes may also be awarded for other outstanding entries.

Winning works may also be published by an established music publisher and made the compulsory piece for an international choral festival. 


11. Premiere

The winning works will be premiered by Raffles Singers at the historic Victoria Concert Hall in July 2020.


12. Composition & Performance Rights

The composer of a winning work: 

(i) irrevocably grants Raffles Singers the exclusive right to perform the composition worldwide royalty free for a period of 20 months, starting from and including the date on which the competition results are published on this website (the “Performance Rights Period”); and 

(ii) agrees to Raffles Singers using his/her name and biographical details for any publicity in the promotion of any performance of a winning work during the Performance Rights Period.

All compositions (including all winning works) remain the Intellectual Property of the relevant composer and copyrights relating to this shall remain with the composer.


13. Agreement to Terms

Participation in the competition implies full knowledge and acceptance of these regulations. Raffles Singers reserves the right to disqualify submissions which, in its absolute discretion, do not meet any requirement in or are in breach of these terms and conditions. For avoidance of doubt, paid fees will not be refunded in the case of disqualified submissions.



To proceed, please first register as a participant. You will be required to make payment for your submission as part of the registration process.




Raffles Singers presents the inaugural Singapore International Choral Composition Competition 2020 (SICCC), the chief aim of which is to promote the creation and performance of new and innovative choral repertoire in Singapore.


Continue reading to find out more about submission criteria and terms & conditions. Please read the terms carefully before submission.


By submitting an entry, I declare that I have read and agree to the terms stated above. I also consent to the collection of my personal information for the purposes of the Singapore International Choral Composition Competition.

For further clarification regarding legal definitions, please